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Dear One Brick Volunteers: We are a small nonprofit that helps hundreds of community organizations each year. We run on a shoestring budget, but we have expenses like insurance, this website, and training materials. We also employ one person who makes sure the train stays on its track. We don't get any foundation or government grants. 30% of the budget is raised during the Annual Campaign going on right now. This year we need to raise $30,000 to keep One Brick afloat. Last year hundreds of volunteers donated $10 or $20 and it made a huge difference.

If you found One Brick useful this year, and you feel we are
making a difference, please consider making a donation.

Thank You
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(DC) Slice and Dice with DCCK
Sun, Nov 29 8:45am
DC Central Kitchen

(VA) Holiday Decorating for the Goodwin House!
Mon, Nov 30 6:00pm
Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads
Falls Church

(DC) Books to Prisons: Information is Hope!
Wed, Dec 2 5:30pm
Foundry Methodist Church

(DC) Gifts for the Homeless Annual Clothing Drive! (Shift 1)
Sat, Dec 5 8:30am
Gifts for the Homeless - the Portals III

(MD) Work on the Wardrobe at Interfaith Clothing Center!
Sat, Dec 5 11:00am
Rockville Interfaith Clothing Center

(DC) Gifts for the Homeless Annual Clothing Drive! (Shift 2)
Sat, Dec 5 11:30am
Gifts for the Homeless - the Portals III

(DC) Service and a Movie Night at Metro Teen AIDS!
Tue, Dec 8 5:30pm
Metro Teen AIDS

(DC) Get the party started at the AFRH's Holiday Dance!
Fri, Dec 11 6:30pm
Armed Forces Retirement Home

(VA) ALIVE!: Distribute Food to Those in Need!
Sat, Dec 12 8:30am
Cora Kelly Rec Center

(VA) Gift Wrapping for Seniors!
Sun, Dec 13 12:00pm
Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads
Falls Church

One Brick Needs Your Help!

One Brick chapters are 100% volunteer-run! We have no employees...we don't even maintain offices! In fact, on a National level, One Brick has only a single employee, and two part-time employees who all work from a home.

What One Brick DOES have is a lot of dedicated volunteers who make it all happen. And we're always looking for more people like YOU to to join our team and help us in the incredible work we do!

Event Management and Leadership Team

You know how every time you go to an event, there's always somebody there, smiling, cracking dumb jokes, who makes you sign in at our event, and makes you wear the goofy nametag? Well, that could be you! The Event Manager's job is to represent One Brick and make sure that people are having fun at the event and are meeting each other. Please join us!

Note: If you are simply looking to volunteer with us, you can get started here.

Top Ten List Reasons to Join the Management Team...

       10. We turn down important projects every month because we don't have enough event managers - If you join, we can add an extra event to the calendar!
9. More managers = More Events = More Fun for everyone. Win-Win-Win!
8. It’s a great way to get to know people – both volunteers and your fellow managers alike.
7. One Brick event management doesn't require a major commitment. We simply ask that you manage a n average of one event each month. Typically this will only take 4-6 hours of your time and the impact you will have will be huge!
6. It's Fun! Event Managers get to attend management-only retreats, parties, and other events. Past activities have included trampoline dodgeball, gym rock climbing, hiking, and simply hanging out with a barbecuing and a few drinks.
5. Managers get a snazzy laminated nametag and clipboard. C’mon, you know you want  ‘em.
4. It's a great networking opportunity and it’s a great experience to put on your resume.
3. Socializing! You get to run the after-event socials and pick fun (and tasty!) places to eat and drink after the volunteering.
2. You get to be a crucial part of how we can deliver 50,000 volunteer hours (25 man years) of service to the community each year.
1. Helping others + fun events + socializing + low time commitment + good karma = A WINNING COMBINATION.

Top Ten List

PR and Marketing

Help us get the word out! One Brick has thousands of volunteers already, but there's still thousands of people who haven't heard of us yet, and tons of community organizations that still need our support.

Do you have experience in Marketing or Public Relations? A little effort on your part to help us spread the word about One Brick can yield hundreds of new volunteers for us, which will translate into thousands of volunteer hours for the community. Imagine that impact! All it takes is someone to champion a marketing effort, or help to pitch One Brick to media outlets.

For more information and to join our team please email us at: obmarketing at onebrick.org

Development and Fund-raising

While One Brick's chapters are completely volunteer run, we do have a small national staff (one full time and two part-time). We also have as business expenses for maintaining the website, marketing, insurance and other miscellaneous items.

Help us coordinate fund-raising events like our Happy Hour parties and sports events. Or help us identify corporate donors for fund raising and in-kind support.

Does your company have a matching donations program for your volunteer time, or a grant program to support non-profit organizations? You may have already earned a few hundred dollars for One Brick with the time you've volunteered!

Consider this: for every $2 donated to One Brick, we deliver over $18 in value to the community! That's a huge return on any investment! With One Brick, it doesn't take a lot of money to have a HUGE impact on our community.

For more information and to join our team please email us the leadership team above

To make a donation to One Brick, click here.